Learn how to leverage your medical career to create financial freedom. I’m an MD/MBA who went from poverty to Financial Freedom. Achieve your financial goals with the help of a doctor who has done it.

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Rising expectations and peer pressure are illustrated in this chart.

11 Powerful Ways to Halt Competitive Rising Expectations As a Physician

Do you feel stressed out?  I know I do.  Most people I know feel that way.  Much of this is from society’s rising expectations of us. We can reduce the

Becoming financially free from your job is represented by a business man running to the beach.

How to Become Financially Free from a Job You Hate

Would you like to be financially free from a job you hate? If so, you are not alone. Only a small minority of workers are engaged at work. What are

This clock shows you when it is time to retire.

Should We Retire Retirement?

The traditional idea of retirement as the ultimate reward for a working life loses much of its meaning in an information and knowledge-based economy. Maybe it is time to retire

Make Your DESIRES Come True Through Financial Freedom!

Dump Debt & Dream Big

Earn Optimally

Spend Wisely

Invest Prudently

Reinvest in Real Estate

Establish a Defense

Secure Your Future & Legacy

Let Me Teach You How To Become a Wealthy Doc!

You have worked unbelievably hard to become a doctor but now you are faced with debt, spending questions, and what to do with your increased salary to maximize returns. Well, that’s where I come in! Through my blog posts, newsletters, and my FREE e-book I will guide you on how to handle the parts they don’t teach you in medical school. I’ve followed a simple set of principles to go from poverty to financial freedom and you can too. The best part: you don’t have to have money to learn. I’m not asking for any money, I just want to see more Wealthy Docs!

My Credentials

  • MD
  • Finance-MBA from a top-20 business school.
  • Over 30 years of investing experience.
  • Returns in the top 15% of all investors.
  • Completely debt-free.
  • Financially Independent.
Shows road to financial freedom. You will love bing a doctor again.